Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am currently a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi and I am pursuing a masters degree in library and information science.  It is a great program made even better by the fact that all of the courses are online.  It makes it so much more convenient to work towards a MLIS.    It is also pretty neat that I can come to class in my pajamas!
Recently, I read an article that a fellow classmate posted entitled "5 Higher Ed Trends for 2012."  One of the trends mentioned in the article is an increase in the amount of textbooks that will be offered in an e-book format.  I think that this is so great.  Textbooks can be heavy and bulky.  They definitely are not helping with the amount of clutter in my computer room where I do all of course work.  If I could have all of my textbooks in e-book format, I would not misplace them so frequently because they could all be stored on my Kindle or computer.  It would make it easy to highlight important text and since places like Amazon are starting to offer e-textbook rentals it also can mean sending less money on textbooks.

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