Wednesday, April 11, 2012

YouTube Can Be Educational

Last week I was ecstatic at work because I realized that YouTube had been unblocked (hey, it's the little things in life, right?!).  Our story for library time in grades K-2 was the Ugly Duckling.  After reading the story,  I used my digital projector to projector a YouTube video of the story.  The students loved it and we were able to compare and contrast the two versions.

 I wanted to show an animated version of this week's story, The Frog Prince, since the students loved The Ugly Duckling so much.  Well, sadly, in less than a week, YouTube was blocked again.  It really is a shame because while there are a lot of foolish things on YouTube, there is also a wealth of educational videos that educators can really benefit from viewing.

Top 5 Reasons YouTube is a Great Educational Tool

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  1. Yes, I found that a YouTube video can be an educational tool at class when I visited my daughter's school. Kids were learning the solar system from a YouTube video! I saw that they really enjoyed the animation and music. That's how they learned and memorized tough science.