Friday, April 13, 2012


As of late, the site Pinterest has been one of my favorite addictions.  Pinterest is a site that allows you to create online boards and pin different things from the Internet to each board.  For example, I have a board titled "Yummy" and pin all kinds of recipes to it.  It is really fun because you can get so many ideas.  I found a pin that showed how to plant "magic" jelly beans the night before Easter and lollipops "grow" over night.  I tried it with my daughter and I think it might be a new tradition!
The lollipops that grew overnight after planting magic jellybeans.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that teachers and librarians can obtain a plethora on ideas for things such as creative lessons, units for books, bulletin boards, and so much more.   The article," 16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest," really shows the benefits educators can get from Pinterest.

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